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A Response to Chelsea Handler’s Documentary on White Privilege_Repost
Jun 4th, 2020 by Speaking Of Racism at 4:29 pm

...Alternatively Titled: "Hello Chelsea, It's Tina and Jen, Let's Talk About Your Privilege"

Before Tina became the owner and host of Speaking of Racism, she and Jen did this episode on the Chelsea Handler documentary. It's one of our most popular episodes, so we are reposting it for all the new listeners.

On Friday, September 13th, Chelsea Handler released a documentary on Netflix called "Hello Privilege, It's Me, Chelsea." Being the anti-racism educator she is, Tina Strawn decided to check it out, and within days Tina and Jen had watched the documentary two times, talked about it over the phone, and decided to do a podcast discussing it.

If you've watched the documentary, plan on watching the documentary, or have absolutely no interest in watching the documentary- this episode is an essential listen as Tina challenges us to greater depth and accountability in the work of dismantling white supremacy and privilege.

Be sure to follow Tina Strawn on IG @tina_strawn_life or email her at tinastrawnlife@gmail.com

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